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About Us

Touristic Organization of Vrsac is a public service of the Vrsac city. It was founded with the idea to perform the tasks of development, conservation and protection of tourism values in the territory of municipality of Vrsac. As a destination management organization, TOOV in promoting the Vrsac town, as a tourist destination, combines tourist services of hotels, restaurants, wineries, private accommodation, souvenir manufacturers and traditional crafts and other activities that provide services to tourists visiting the Vrsac town. Our mission is to promote Vrsac as an attractive tourist destination, the preservation and development of touristic, cultural and commercial values and potentials of the city.

Our vision is to become  desirable tourist destination on the tourist map of Europe, a place readily and repeatedly visited. Our goals go hand in hand with the tourism development strategy.

Job of TOO Vrsac, includes:

  • Analysis of the domestic and foreign tourism market;
  • Planning the development of tourism in the Vrsac town;
  • Preparation and organization of touristic events;
  • Production and distribution of tourism promotional materials;
  • Organization and operation of the network of touristic information centers;
  • Coordination of all participants in touristic XXXX  Vrsac;
  • Promotion of souvenirs, handicraft products and traditional crafts;
  • Promotion of the Vrsac town in the domestic and international tourism fairs;
  • Cooperation with other cities in the country and abroad;
  • Assistance in organizing the congress.
  • To  visitors who came to Vrsac town, TOO of Vrsac provides touristic information, organizes tours of the city view and visit to the wine cellars.


Awards 2010
1. Novi Sad, september 2010
Touristic Organization London, was awarded with the gold medal for the event WINEFEST VRSAC 2010 at the fair in Novi Sad.
2.Competition in the touristic presentations – Krusevac 03-04.11.2010. 
First prize in the category “Slat touristic publication with more than 50 pages” was awarded to the Touristic Organization of Vrsac.
3.Special mention in the category “Most touristic publication” – The Touristic Organization Of Vrsac.
4. Travel publications and Fair souvenir – Leskovac 25-26.11.2010. 
The Touristic Organization Of Vrsac won third place for the best video MATERIAL (promotional film – Vrsac).
Awards 2011
1.  Media event, Kovacica , March 2011. 
CHARTER CAPTAIN MIŠA  ANASTASIJEVIĆ, for the promotion of tourism and the development potential of Banat.
2.    Novi Sad, September 2011.
A BIG GOLDEN CHARTER, recognition of the fair in Novi Sad, which TOOV won for the event “The Days of vintage 2011”.
3.  Leskovac, November 2011. 
TOOV was Award winner in the category “Slat touristic publication with more than 50-page” for the brochure for the town of VRŠAC  –  “Beautiful Town”.
Awards 2012
1.  Novi Sad, September 2012 . 
A BIG GOLD MEDAL FOR GREAT QUALITY, the highest award of the Novi Sad Fair, which TOOV got  for  THE DAYS OF GRAPE HARVEST 2012.
Turistička organizacija opštine Vršac / Touristic organization of municipality Vrsac Trg Pobede 1, 26300 Vrsac/Srbija / Trg pobede 1, 26300 Vrsac/Serbia tel:  +381 (0)13 832 999,  +381 (0)13 832-430 tel/fax:  +381 (0)13 838 050

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